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Civil religion in the UK, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth

By Norman Bonney,
Manchester University Press, October 2013

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Monday, 29 July 2013


Monarchy, religion and the state:
Civil religion in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth

Norman Bonney, Manchester University Press
Autumn 2013 (online advance order offers with Amazon and Blackwells)

This thorough and contemporary examination of the religious features of the UK state and its monarchy argues that the long reign of Elizabeth has led to a widespread lack of awareness of the centuries old religious features of the state that are revealed at the accession and coronation of a new monarch.

It is suggested that the next succession to the throne will require major national debates in each realm of the monarch to judge whether the traditional rituals which require professions of Christianity and Protestantism by the new monarch are appropriate, or whether they might be replaced by alternative secular or interfaith ceremonies.

It will be required reading for those who study the government and politics of the UK, Canada, Australia and the other 13 realms of the monarch. It will also appeal to students and lecturers in history, sociology and religious studies and citizens interested in the monarchy and contemporary religious issues.

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