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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Foreign power appoints Scottish bishop and holds another captive

Last week there were concerns about American evangelicals infiltrating Scottish schools.

Today Scotland on Sunday reports that the Vatican appointee to the Roman Catholic bishopric of
Edinburgh and St Andrews has begun his work in Scotland and has stated that he does not
expect his predecessor to return to Scotland, where he clearly wanted to be, in the near future.

Two concerns arise.

Firstly, is it acceptable that a foreign power which has representation at the United Nations
should be appointing the bishop of a significant Church in Scotland? And not only that - he
will also be continually accountable  to Rome during his appointment. Why do we allow a
foreign power to have such influence inside Scotland?

Secondly, in its treatment of the retired predecessor bishop, Keith O'Brien, it looks like the
Roman Catholic Church is guilty of human trafficking and human rights violations by
restraining and controlling his movements through the influence that it has over his future
economic and personal well being.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien is a prisoner of the Vatican.