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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Foreign power signals support for Scottish independence

The Vatican's appointee to the Roman Catholic bishopric of Edinburgh and St. Andrews signalled his  Scottish national sentiments on Sunday in a press interview where he indicated that he wears the saltire on his cuffs.

It is no accident, then, that his consecration ceremony as bishop and the accompanying publicity is scheduled for this coming Saturday 21 September in Edinburgh on the same weekend which sees a pro-Scottish independence rally in the same city one year ahead of the referendum.

But since the bishop is appointed by a foreign power, the Vatican, and his future life will be very much dependent on it as has been shown by the fate of his predecessor, can Scots be sure that he will put their interests ahead of those of the foreign power that appoints him?

And does the Vatican expect to exercise more influence in an independent Scotland than it does at present?